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New England Professional Sober Coach for Families of Heroin Addicts

One on One Addiction and Recovery Services for Families

When you or your loved one is suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, there are a lot of people who are suffering too. Helping yourself or someone else get sober is a painful and stressful process and more often than not, there is a lot of confusion about where to turn, who to call and what steps to take. Richie Evans has been involved in Recovery for over ten years and worked in the field for over five. He knows the ins and outs of the process from intervention to sober living with all the steps in between. Richie Evans Consulting is a one stop shop for resources, referrals and everything you and your family needs to enter recovery with the best resources and information available.

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Services for Families in Greater Boston

Phone Support

Richie offers support over the phone for immediate and acute questions


When a transport needs to be made, Richie can offer his presence to smooth the process.

Support Groups

Referrals to approriate support groups is offered to help families find others in the same situations.

Next Step Solutions

Recovery is a step by step process involving lots of decisions. Let Richie give you his best knowledge and resources to make the best decisions for you or your family.

About Richie Evans

Help for families of heroin addicts

Richie Evans was born in Cambridge, MA and grew up in Chelsea, MA. He has been involved in drug and alcohol recovery for around 10 years and has worked directly in the field for the last five having been formally educated in UMASS Boston’s accredited Drug and Alcohol Counselor Program where he excelled. Richie naturally understands and can reach addicts unlike the general population on a very deep level. Based on his experience and advanced intuition he can develop highly effective treatment plans and solutions that offer the highest chance of recovery. Richie has a military background from his service in the Marines that has made him tenacious and unfaltering in continued service towards those suffering from addictive disorders.

Richie has himself suffered from addiction which makes him all the more compassionate and understanding towards the addicts and their families only adding towards his success and comprehension of effective forms of treatment. Something Richie can understand naturally is that all addicts are different and not all respond to the same approaches in the treatment. Richie can get on the addicts level and determine what they need and can provide this in the form of a treatment plan that will prove most effective for the particular personality of that addict. Families suffer just as much if not more than the addict themselves at times. Richie knows this and part of his services are providing the treatment and coaching necessary for the family in order to provide the best environment for recovery for everyone suffering ultimately achieving the best chance for long term recovery.

Of course, at the end of the day this is up to you, but you deserve the appropriate information and resources at your fingertips. This information is complicated and difficult to come by especially when in a desperate situation. Richie provides this so all you have to do is make one phone call and find Richie at the other end of the line. From dealing with insurance companies, finding the right treatment center,  transporting the addict there to providing support groups and one on one counseling, Richie is the resource you have been looking for.

Contact Richie

Phone: (617) 895-6478

Email: richieevans0311@yahoo.com