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Help for the opioid crisis boston

The Road to Recovery Starts With Your Phone Call

All you have to do to get started is pick up the phone. Call me and I will do a quick intake and evaluation based on questions I have found most integral to the treatment process. With that information gathered, I will develop the best course of action I can create of with all the resources I have access to, and now you do as well.

Recovery Begins with a Detox from What’s Holding You Back

It’s time for a break. It’s been a tough road, and you are at the end, that is why you are here. I will connect you or your loved one with the best services for a mental and physical detox to begin your new beginning.

How to get help for an addict

Customized Next Steps

Everyone’s process is a little different. I will determine and suggest options for whatever services and or treatment will help achieve long term recovery. You have probably heard lots of different things and I am here to answer your questions and simplify the decision making for you.

Private Practice

I offer sessions and support groups for my clients and families for during and after the recovery process has initiated. You are not alone with the other families, addicts and myself that are here with you.

What to do if my son is a heroin addict